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Lexiblox: Unique, challenging 3D word search game

Lexiblox is a unique, challenging word game. Its words don‘t show up in other word games, and it has a relaxed, playful vibe with 3D graphics. There are no ads, currencies or downloads so you can start enjoying it without interruption as soon as you buy it!

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About Adducive

Adducive is the publisher of the unique 3D word games Lexiblox and Lexatetrahedra. Brian Krause is the owner of Adducive and has more than 30 years of professional software development experience. He has provided user interface design and engineering services to a long list of satisfied clients and employers, from start-ups in Silicon Valley and worldwide to major tech companies SAP and Google. Every one of his assignments has resulted in referrals for new projects or is the result of a referral itself.

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