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Adducive publishes two nifty 3D word games, Lexiblox and Lexatetrahedra. Both are as easy to use as a childhood toy, but they quickly draw you into a hunt for the one word hidden among thousands of combinations of letters. You will need a good memory and a strong vocabulary. Most of the letters are facing away from you and the hand-built challenges are full of those wonderful English words whose letters don’t follow the usual patterns.

Every puzzle, every sound, and all the programming were produced just for these unique games. The result is purely novel.

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Lexiblox is difficult to put down, but it’s easy to pick up whenever you have a few minutes to get lost in concentration. It has a relaxed, playful vibe. It is the more challenging of the two games.

Lexiblox is a paid app, ready for hours of enjoyment as soon as you buy it. When you do, you’ll be supporting an indie developer with a straightforward business model. There are no ads, currencies, or downloads to interrupt your concentration. Good luck!

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Fun to say, fun to play! Lexatetrahedra has 30 levels plus a Word of the Day to exercise your vocabulary and memory. It's a unique 3D word game puzzle concept, a little easier than Lexiblox, and faster paced.

Simply spin the tetrahedra to find the only word they can spell. It's totally ’80s!

Lexatetrahedra is free, supported by ads, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android!

Coffee Shop Name

Coffee Shop Name is a browser-based game you can play from your desktop browser. Just enter your name, and a perfect, personalized cup of coffee will be made just for you!
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